A Veteran Police owned and operated Non-Profit providing the highest quality Thin Blue Line products and designs for those who protect and serve along with those who support the "Thin Blue Line and Salute The Blue. Ultimately once our 501c3 is completed, we would like you raise enough monetary donations to give back to the families of fallen Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders.  

Salute The Blue is a movement and symbol used by Law Enforcement, originating here in the United States to commemorate and honor fallen Law Enforcement Officers to symbolize the relationship of Law Enforcement in the community as protectors of fellow civilians.

The brand, was established as a Thin Blue clothing Line, built on a platform of support for our brothers and sisters in blue. Whether you’re a retired peace officer or just getting started, we understand the obstacles officers face each day. Many are spit at, threatened, abused, hated and killed, all by those we selflessly serve. In defiance of these obstacles we gear up and face them head on, becoming an unbreakable Thin Blue Line that separates the predator and its prey.

Customer Service:

Salute The Blue understands the importance of great customer service. Your day is spent serving others, and it’s our goal to equally serve your Thin Blue Line clothing needs. We stock all of our products, and ship out same-day when possible.  These are just a few of the reasons that make Salute The Blue your “Thin Blue Clothing Line.”

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